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New GTA: V Screenshots from EDGE Online

EDGE Online has some new screenshots in their latest magazine release.

Game Informer GTA: V Twelve New Screenshots

Game Informer have once again revealed some new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots.

Four New GTA: V Screenshots

As expected there have been four new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots released.

CVG Grand Theft Auto V Preview

Computer and Video Games posted their preview of Grand Theft Auto V along with an hour long video.

As he jockeys in the doorway, we grab our first glimpse of GTA V: forested hillsides, roads and trails snaking across open land, a river glinting in the sunlight, and, in the distance – immediately giving the world a vast sense of scale – the grey-blue haze of the city. It’s basically the juiciest invitation you’ll get all year: all of this is yours to explore – and all you’ve got to do is jump.

So we jump. The freefall opens up our field of view: the game world is an island, hemmed in by an ocean beyond the city, and by a massive stretch of water – the Alamo Sea – behind us, to the north. Immediately to our right, on the west of the island, is a military base. Onscreen, there’s an altimeter, giving us an idea of elevation, and three bars in the corner: green, blue and yellow. These are for your health, body armour and ‘specials’. We’ll talk more about that last one later on.

Straight off the bat, it’s hard not to be impressed. Incidental detail is king here: what looks like a cargo plane arcs up into the sky in the distance, having taken off from the military base; a mountain lion scutters for cover in the hillsides of Mount Josiah (in a GTA first, Chilliad is no longer the only peak in the series); a quad bike moves along one of the countless mud trails, and cars along the mountain roads; and, gradually, the river edges closer, shimmering in the sunlight, and we can see two people fishing on its banks, a Winnebago parked next to them. Laid across it all (again, for the first time in a GTA game) is evidence of one of the game’s dynamic scores, a soft, ambient track that perfectly captures the serene nature of the descent.

Five Brand New GTA: V Artwork

Here comes brand new Grand Theft Auto V artwork!

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