a.k.a “Fido” or “The Guy in GTA3″. It doesn’t matter what you call him, he doesn’t have a name. Even Rockstar refer to him as the guy in GTA3. It’s ironic he is the main character yet we know the least about him.

A bomb expert and franchise owner of 8-Ball’s Autoyard, offering you car upgrades and accessories. He has a bomb shop in each island of Liberty City.

Luigi Goterelli
The first crime boss you work for. Luigi runs a strip joint in Portland for the Mafia called Sex Club 7. It’s merely a front to pimp ladies to the more affluent clients.

Joey Leone
Don Salvatore’s only living son. Joey owns a garage in Trenton where he services top quality stolen vehicles. He detests the Forelli Brothers.

Toni Cipriani
The Mob’s number one extortionist, debt collector, and mama’s boy. Can Always be found at his mother’s restaurant in St Marks. He also hates Triads.

Salvatore Leone
The Don of the Mafia. He certainly offers the baddest jobs and the biggest money. However with a war between the Cartel brewing and ongoing conflicts with the Triads, it’s pretty dangerous workin for him, you better watch your back.

Asuka Kasen
Asuka was born into the Yakuza Crime Syndicate, Sister of Kenji, but she certainly proves she is one of the toughest. If you want to work for her you must earn her trust first.

Kenji Kasen
Owner of Kenji’s Casino in Torrington, member of the Yakuza Crime Syndicate and brother to Asuka. Kenji despises the Colombian Cartel and has a lot to lose if they push a lot more SPANK in Staunton Island.

Donald Love
Love is a Playboy millionaire and CEO of Love Media. He has a skeleton in his closet which he frequently visits. Obviously you’ll want to work for him although one of his hobbies is counterfeiting.