Grand Theft Auto V


Rockstar North

Rockstar Games (Parent Company: Take-Two Interactive)

To Be Announced

Has been confirmed; details to be announced.


Release Date
To Be Announced (Estimated: late 2012 or early 2013)

Rating Pending (ESRB)

Rockstar’s latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V, heads to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. Set in the present day, money is a major theme in GTA V, with the debut trailer emphasizing a stark contrast between poverty and luxury. No further details have been announced, and we await confirmation of the release date.

Rockstar announced GTA-V back in October 2011, as expected Rockstar have released tease pictures, trailer videos etc. We do know that it’s based in the city of Los Santos and to expect the usual beautiful landscapes, beaches and graphics. As usual Rockstar haven’t released many details about the storyline or gameplay, but everyone is expecting GTA-V to be a top selling game.

Until Rockstar give a date of release, there aren’t going to be many details leaked about the game, most people believe that GTA5 will be release in 2012, but depending on how the development goes, it could be released in 2013. Again nobody is sure what platforms GTAV will be released on, but as there haven’t been reports of new game consoles coming out, it will probably be released on PS3 and Xbox360, then PC at a later date.

Originally GTA was a PC game, but with the success of GTA and consoles, it’s no surprise that Rockstar focus on the console versions of their games, although there is some dispute about whether or not GTA-V will be released on PC. It would seem strange for Rockstar not to release a PC version; GTA San Andreas is still having a lot of success in online PC gaming, with massive amounts of user generated content released for the game, such as mission mods, etc.

Over the years I’ve been playing GTA, it’s amazing seeing how much the game has changed throughout history, the first GTA game was released back in 1997, since then “Grand Theft Auto” has explored various cities and locations, creating one of the most enjoyable open-world games in history.